Upgrading your Lotus Exige factory wing?

There may be a time when things begin to get a little serious and track days are often making you feel that there’s just not enough rear grip on your Lotus Exige with the factory mounted wing.  The factory wing on the pre-2010 Exige in all fairness is fine for those that solely drive the car on the road as you’ll never hit the limits for it to provide any downforce, unless of of course you feel the desire to spend time in the local jail house.

Upgrading the factory wing requires a few items, some more obvious than others if done “correctly”, and a fair level of patience and a degree of accuracy.  

There are so many options for aftermarket wings and they all differ in price, size and quality, some are tested while others are - simply put just for looks and offer no more functionality than the standard factory part, the focus here is a functional wing that gives that added benefit.

I’ll say I’ve seen endless wings bolted to the rear fiberglass which often makes me cringe, why?  the front and rear Lotus clam shells vary from 2mm - 4mm in thickness in different areas, that’s not much material and when you figure in that you’ll be pushing downwards of up to 100 lbs of force at the track- bad things will happen!

How do you overcome the risk of cracking your clam, it’s simple - use appropriate internal boot supports.  We utilize our own custom bracing which is strong enough to confidently push and pull the car from just the wing, try that with a poorly mounted wing, (actually don’t!).

I can go into gurney flaps like I’ve used in my Porsche, but that’s another upcoming product, so keep tuned!


Another item that comes to mind are endplates, it’s often stressed bigger is better - and I tend to agree, but aesthetics matter to me to a certain degree so I have two different sets - one for show and the other for pure get the job done times!


On a final note, and this is specific to the pre-2010 Exige, you no longer need to fret about removing the factory wing and leaving those unsightly gaps and holes, check these out, which come in low and high profile with choice of finishes!  Many have often jumped to a new post-201- Exige hatch and forked out $$$$ just because of this and sometimes run into awful fitment issues - not any more :)

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