Diet Plan - the TransForged way

During my several years of ownership I’ve never been completely satisfied with the factory handling of the Lotus Exige, sure it handles and performs on-par with cars twice it’s price range, it’s light and Lotus made an attempt to keep that lightness from floating off the surface of the road but in my mind there’s always been room for improvement.

During my initial year of ownership, I decided to leave things alone, even with a history of nicely modified cars -  I mean why make changes until you really know what’s missing and you’ve really tested the limits of a vehicle and spent an adequate amount of time with it.  After spending a considerable amount of time tinkering with the factory configuration and seeking guidance from various industry leaders in the aerodynamics arena, I decided to gather my courage and improve on what Lotus had developed - no easy task given Lotus’ history and proven track record.

The first item on my list was weight, and your saying what is he talking about - the car only weighs around 2050 lbs give or take a few…!  

It’s actually surprising really how much weight can be shed without throwing gobs of money and time.  Reducing weight also allowed me the opportunity to shuffle a few components around to bring some harmony in balancing the car up a little more.



Floats on boxes!

The key components for me personally were more involved higher up in the car and unsprung weight.  When one talks about Unsprung weight it typically relates to wheels and brake components, what’s amazing is the fact that all that rotating mass adds up fairly quickly, picture a snow ball rolling down the hill - picking up weight as it increases in velocity, now take a moment trying to stop that thing and making it switch direction...

If you’re at the point where you now feel the car could shed a few pounds I’ll guide you in the right direction and provide you with an entire breakdown, all said and done the car now weighs a tad under 1800 lbs and there’s more to come ;).

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