California Dreamin...

This month’s Cars & Coffee in Woodland Hills, CA and Aliso Viejo, CA were tremendous, both in car and spectator turnout. Maybe it’s the desire to cram as many outdoor events into the fleeting January schedule or the chance alignment of the free time of Southern California car enthusiasts, but whatever the case, both meetings were packed to the gills this month.  The huge attendance didn’t deter from the show and I saw many car owners excitedly discussing their cars with interested attendees. 

The Cars & Coffee staff also put in a great effort in organizing cars transiting through the crowd and managing managing vendor displays.

My highlights of the show were mostly engine swaps and the various displays of aero-dynamic efficiency employed by various owners, although it’s hard to discount the first Konnesegg Agera R I’ve had the pleasure to see in person as well as a Rezvani Beast to boot.  The Rezvani Beast is an interesting model, this particular model boasted 315 horse power in a svelte 1700 lb.


The Rizvani Beast caught the eye of many car enthusiasts at the Aliso Viejo Cars and Coffee. This specific car was model #3 built for a lady in Ohio.  This was specifically designed based off the Ariel Atom. 



Getting the sense of a huge crowd forming again at the Aliso Viejo Cars and Coffee, we headed toward that direction, we were in awe at what had arrived.  ​The Koenigsegg Agera Hyper Car from Sweden!


Here are a few more pics of the stunning cars seen at the Aliso Valejo and Woodland Hills Cars and Coffee!

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