Finding a Solution to the Lotus S2 Gear Shift stabilizer

Defined by their sleek and sporty designs, the Lotus Elise and Exige S2 are sports cars that have features like no other. Slanted snake eye headlights pierce through roads ahead it and the body is structured slim at the waist, but beefs up from behind super charging itself from one destination to the next. Whether or not the car is to your liking, I do have a few tips that might enhance your experience for the better.

 Focusing on a main concern of the Lotus Elise and Exige S2, one of the biggest problems is how clumsy and poorly the shifter feels when selecting gears. Some are unsure why this is, however it is in fact due to the frame that holds the hand-brake, shifter, etc. in place. It flexes considerably under track conditions, which in turn increases the chances of miss-shifts and the lack of confidence, particularly on the track. 

Taking a few notes from Stan to combat this problem, I curated my own parts list for additional support using the car’s floor plan. Once everything was in place, the shifter feel improved greatly with the ability for better control. The parts are in sync with the dimensions and the entire process took no longer than an hour, although, it’s wise not overlook anything or make any unnecessary holes in the Aluminum.

 My exact parts list:


Drilling into any car can be daunting, I’ve done it endless times on various cars so be brave, remember there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Here is the end result and a vastly improved structure.  For more information please contact me directly or keep updated on our facebook page.



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