TransForged Racing Mirrors

What's the one thing you can point out and say "Hey Lotus, what the..." every time you see an Exige or Elise in your garage or driving by.

Over the last 15 years or so Lotus have developed some fantastic products and pushed the envelope each time - leaving a grin on our face.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking over my car and took note of every aesthetic and what in my opinion required attention.  After much back n’forth one item kept creeping up to the top of my list - have you guessed it?

The overall shape of all three generations is admired by many - just driving down the road you sense onlookers gazing. 

The wing mirrors on the Lotus Exige and Elise variants have not changed for over a decade - why?  I can't answer that but I would guess cost savings.

Our goal was set! - re-design this significantly lacking area, make it sleek, light and above all Plug N' Play!


So what makes this different to other modifications.  Firstly the sleek design which blends in very well with overall lines of the car.  

The significant reduction in weight, over 4 lbs which in the name of LOTUS is always pleasing.  Lastly a design that fits like factory - no cutting, drilling or any other modifications are required to the car.

Check out these works of art.


We are proud to announce the TransForged Racing Side View Mirrors.


  • George Galbraith

    Which version is shown here? V1 or V2?

  • diego garcia

    Hello do you sell the TransForged Racing Mirror Mounts and mirrors.


  • Mick

    Hi guys fabulous work I have a small engineering company in Dublin Ireland and I recently purchased a 05 Elise 111r and absolutely love these mirrors and mounts also very interested in the afterburners in the near future, would you ship to Ireland and if so how much for both the mirrors and the mounts thanks

  • Ben smith

    I’ve been looking for these for aaaaages!! Finally found them and I’d like to treat myself for Christmas where can I buy?? And how much?? Please get back to me, many thanks

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