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It’s no surprise that when Lotus introduced the Series 2 Exige and Elise that they opted to stick with a separate key and controller, it naturally came with that era.  The Cobra Fob introduced by Lotus works fine, my issues are not related to the functionality but more-so with the bulk and unnecessary dangling. 

After several years of ownership and customer feedback from several owners having gone through a few KeyFobs, it was time to invent something that placed two components into one.  You may be asking “what happened to your KeyFob”?  well to start with,  cracks in the rubber buttons began to appear gathered with broken rubber links just shouted “new invention!”

We set up time to begin design work and prototyping a new working solution.  Having spent a considerable amount of time and endless back and forth conversations, the design decision was made; something that fits into the average hand and can be operated easily, but has the modern feel of simplicity!

Unlike your typical key, we decided to make the buttons invisible to the key to provide that stealth look.  For the introductory color we decided to stick to a matte black option, providing the durability, however we are now slowly accommodating custom colors in both a gloss and matte finish. We have gone one step further in customizing the color schemes such as Krypton Green and Chrome Orange, that is just the cherry on top of a solution well thought out.

Order your new TFR Key today at: http://transforged.com/collections/tfr-integrated-key/products/tfr-keyfob

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  • Jonathon Elliott

    Is the Key Fob still available? the link doesn’t work.
    Thanks _

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