Signals within Reach

Late last year at a local Cars 'n' Coffee gathering - myself and some fellow car friends got into a random conversation concerning road safety and the endless times we've come across  acts of careless driving.  
One point that stood out was the lost art of not indicating (also known as signaling) to communicate to other motorists that you intend to change your course of direction.

This stuck for a while as I drove home that morning and paid attention to my surroundings but at the same time noticing that the indicator stalk was a little annoying to reach.  

I should add, I have an aftermarket steering wheel with extended hub/disconnect and had removed the factory wheel years ago due to better feel and easy ingress and egress due to new seats.

An idea clicked - why not design something that improved both the aesthetics, be within easy finger reach without having to fumble around the wheel to reach the stalk.

Announcing the Signal Blade by TransForged Racing: A blade that can be produced in two lengths depending on the steering wheel and some basic design options.  Installation is simple, cut off your 90's Vauxhall Corsa Stalks and attach these - all within 15mins.

Order your set here:

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