About us

TransForged Racing digs into the abyss of online retailers, independent artists marketplaces, and car enthusiasts and emerges with products we hope will help you make your life more exciting, or move you to tap your buddy and say, now I want that!

We are minimalists as well as control freaks.  We take pride in each and every aspect of the production of our elite products.  We feel that goes a long way in differentiating TransForged from all of the other sellers out there, we are proud to say “Made in America” and each item is custom ordered to your specifications!

We spend a great amount of time researching and getting to know what our hobbyists and enthusiasts are in need of and we add that to our line of products to test and in turn produce.  

Just email any time through our contact page.  

We continually post new products on our Facebook and Instagram pages based on the wish list as well as items we feel will help progress you to the next level!

With over 15 years of experience in the auto industry, TransForged, LLC can proudly boast about being the number one custom shop for all your car creations.  Our workshop is equipped with today’s up to date technology using only the highest quality machinery to assist you in increasing your uniqueness!