Evora Afterburners


$ 700.00

We have designed this product over the last few months for the Lotus Exige, Elise, and Evora applications that will bring forth a unique and up-to-date design element to your cars.


*When placing your order - please specify your model, year, indicator color preference.
Afterburners will require some work by your installer depending on the model year not limited too connectors or some wiring adjustments.

Each light component (Brake, indicator and running) will be color labeled.

Please visit out blog page for more information: https://transforged.com/blogs/news/look-into-my-eyes

More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgWPczB89ianOZ94EcGUOg

TransForged, LLC will not be held responsible for any legal violations or actions taken against you for non-factory lighting on your vehicle.  For off-road usage only. 
Please email us with any questions.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the dismantling of these units and should you proceed to0 -  your warranty will no longer be in effect.
A one year warranty on all parts and labor will go into effect on receipt of these goods. 

Please note that the intro pricing is only available during the pre-order stage.  There is an approximate 10-12 week wait after payment is received.

Patent Pending - 2017

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