Front and Rear Wheel Arch Louvers

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Our track tested wheel arch louvers allow substantial downforce particularly for track focus and offer extensive handling and improvement in grip due to their functionality.  

Manufacturers such as Porsche have begun to integrate wheel louvers into their high performance road models.  Case in point: The new 991.2 GT3 RS model has integrated front wheel arch louvers.  Why? Porsche recognized the lack of front downforce in their RS model even with modified front splitters, there was a recognition for improvement.

The Lotus Exige GT3 front clam comes built with wheel arch louvers as well as the likes of various other high-performance models.

Air pressure can be eliminated allowing more grip.  The Louvers have specifically been designed in such a way that they do not effect drag and fuel mileage efficiency sitting flush with the overall body.

The images represent pre-install. We can accommodate custom designs to fit your particular model and offer an installation service.

Built using high-strength-low weight ABS with a Continuous Fiber outer support structure.


Installation: Professional installation is highly recommended.  
Please contact us about development and delivery time.