TFR Mirror Mounts - v.2 (sold as set)


$ 260.00

What's the difference from the v.1? - These will mount completely to all three mount positions and offer a unique look.

Built from the ground up our track tested v.2 mirror mounts will add that missing flair to your S2/S3 Lotus Elise and/or Exige as well as provide a substantial enhancement in aerodynamics and design. 

The product may require some minor modifications to fit correctly.  Please ensure that screws are threaded carefully and do not exert excess force.

Each part is made from scratch so there may be slight differences.  Please note that due to the nature of Lotus the mounts will require you to mark up each hole and use a self tapping screw (not provided).

Professional installation is STRONGLY recommended.

Expected shipping time: 6-8 weeks upon order.

Mirrors sold separately**:

 For those using their existing Motoworks mirror - a 45mm Motoworks stem is required.

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