Titanium Wheel Stud - Lotus Exige and Elise S2 Application

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SIMPLE Weight Savings! 

TransForged Titanium wheel studs will be available in a special black finish to match up nicely with your wheels. 

Not only are these corrosion resistant but they are far lighter than factory and make wheel replacement a much easier task!

Will fit all OEM standard wheels as well as allowing up to 5mm spacer.

Here are the specifications:

- Set comprises of 16 studs and nuts
- Grade 5 Titanium 
- Up to 900-1200 MPA (130,000 – 154,000  psi )
- Weight: 1.73 oz (vs 3.2 oz factory bolt)
- Length: 66mm (allows up to a 5mm wheel spacer to fit safely)

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